Below you will find information about her work, life and passions… Enjoy!

Music Theatre

Elizabeth has performed as a singer internationally in Musicals, Cabaret, and Shows, and has directed 3 musicals in Paris (in French). She re-launched and was the director of a Musical Theatre School at one of Paris’s top, up and coming Music Theatre Associations – V.L.A.N based at Noisiel, a suburb of Paris), aswell as teaching and coaching private students in Paris. Elizabeth also co-works with renowned Broadway coach Robert Marks in New York, Paris and Sydney, running “Bridge to Broadway” joint workshops for Music Theatre singers (from amateur through to professionals). She also directs and teaches a Music Theatre Camp week for all ages and levels in the South of France each Summer.

Elizabeth is a certified CCM (Contemporary Commnerical Music) Vocal Teacher of the highest level, graduating from Shenandoah University’s Vocal Pedagogy Institute, USA in 2010.

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Classical Perfomance

Classically trained in London, Elizabeth regularily sang exquisite music, as a soloist and choriste with Les Chanteurs de St.Eustache in the heart of Paris.  She has also sung in London at ENO, Royal Festival Hall and with the Chelsea Opera Group and in New York City with Bel Canto Opera  and regularily with  The Art Song Preservation Society of New York (ASPS).  Elizabeth was solist soprano on The World Premiere Recording of Michel

Profette’s “Polyphonies Grégoriennes” and is featured in the up and coming TV documentary  “Bel Canto: The Lost Art of Opera” (the life portrait of Marcello Garofolo, NYC). Click here for more details.

Cabaret Perfomances

Elizabeth has enjoyed performing many successful one woman shows in Paris, London and New York City.

Drawing upon her diversity of various vocal styles, (from opera to belting broadway), language and cultures, Elizabeth along with her French pianist Lionel Cloarec have enjoyed a series of shows.  Elizabeth is currently writing a new show, due to premier in Sydney in 2012.

Song Writings & Recordings

A new pursuit for Elizabeth, since arriving back in Australia, Elizabeth has written and recorded 2 pop songs and has many more on the way.

One song is the indigenous “Walla Walla” for which Elizabeth co-wrote and arranged the music, and performed on the recording.  (available on i-tunes)

“Stars Aligning” for which Elizabeth wrote the music whilst living in New York in 2009, was recorded (by her) in 2010 and premiered at Wake Up! Sydney” in July 2011.  “Stars Aligning” is available on i-tunes, various retail outlets, or e-mail her here:

Film & Television

Elizabeth with her husband Albert, see, regularly work together doing documentaries for international television. Their latest projects include:

  • Barking Mad  in Paris – where Liz and Albert greet the Parisian world of their 4 legged friends.
  • Life in the Cabaret – an intimate look at the workings of Broadway,
  • “Star Academy on a shoestring”: How a young Australian director brought Musicals to the Parisian suburbs.
  • Bel Canto: The Lost Art of Opera: A life portrait of Marcello Garofolo in NYC.
  • From Hollywood to hospitals; How sound and music therapy are becoming a mainstream in todays widespread community

SAMA Australia

SAMA (Sound & Music Alliance) Australia is a network of professionals, students, and public interested in the intentional use of Sound and Music through the wider community.

From all walks of life, at all stages of life, from “womb to tomb”, health professionals are working intentionally with, and documenting the effects of sound and music, and how it enhances their work. From hospitals, to clinics, spas, to the paddock; surgeons, composers, music therapists, scientists, chiropractors, Indigenous tribesmen and women, vets, teachers, Tomatis practitioners, singers, farmers, musicians and more… are all working in different recognised Sound and Music modalities for the greater health of society.

Elizabeth Lecoanet was at the pre-launch of SAMA in the USA in May 2010, and is committed to getting “the Australian Sound and Music community on board” not only established as an organised group of professionals here in Australia, sharing research, knowledge, and making themselves known to their fellow colleagues and to the wider community, but also connected with the huge resource that is SAMA USA, as well as Sound Travels UK.

If you are working intentionally with Sound and Music in your work, or would like to connect to someone who is, &/or like to join SAMA, please click here.

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