The Profundity ALIVE Personal Empowerment Workshops

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to grant yourself
some time and space to work on yourself?

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Tailor-made for Mature Women seeking to re-ignite their important personal dreams.

You probably know that many women today feel invisible, and they worry that they are only visible as a wife or a mum. Whilst their days may be full –inside there’s a deep longing and emptiness. These invisible women long to be unique and useful again but have become somehow disempowered.

Their ‘Loss’ is such a costly life problem. At worst its the lost the sense of who they are truly meant to be.

Our workshops are perfect for women over fifty who want to re-ignite their important personal dreams. They are for Women who want to change something that is missing in their lives.
Are you such a woman?  Do you know one? There’s a look in her eyes sometimes. Is she your sister? Your mother or your wife? Maybe your grandma?

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Don’t let unanswered questions put your life on hold.

Do you find yourself up one moment and down the next? Are you in the washing-machine-like  whirlpool of uncertainties? Are you floundering a big part of the time?

You could pray to the patron saint of ups and downs -St Francis of A See-saw (with thanks to Michael Leunig for this marvelous concept) or you could go through a process of finding out what is stopping you from moving forward.

Profundity workshops let you ask a sincere question – and when you leave you will have given yourself a meaningful and valuable answer to that question. When your own life is empowered, you will see that you create an empowering impact on all those around you.

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The Big Project Blues

Ancient wisdom recognized the ten thousand things and saw the interconnected relationships of fundamental principles that are as relevant today as they were when the sages first observed them on the shell of a turtle.

You can use this wisdom in a simple and easy to understand series of workshops designed to correlate the details of your project into its wholistic fulfilment.

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Finding your way in the uneasy times we are all facing.

There can be no doubt that this era of our life on earth is challenging us to re-evaluate what is important. Could we be a part of a paradigm shift? A shift from a world where individualism and success is “everything” into a world where the success of the global human family and the planet we share will be the greatest driving force that motivates great men and great women.  Are you passionate about making a difference but feel reticent to stand up to be counted as a change-maker?

You are not alone. Join a small group who will assist you to evaluate your vision and help you pull your contribution into focus. Please come out to play. It is very cold without you here.

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Come with us on a journey to explore and gain

clarity about a topic or quest that is important to you.

Profound Self-Empowerment Workshops which focus on solutions to take you from ‘stuck’ to ‘sorted’.

  • An introduction to the Profundity ALIVE Method – the unique and exciting, contemporary interpretation of a 5000-year-old book of wisdom.
  • Enjoy an open discussion that will awaken your authentic inner wisdom.
  • You will find the easiest path to your inner voice you could ever imagine.
  • Reveal for yourself the solution that is going to work for you, because that solution is your own.
  • Make the empowering discovery that you are your own wise person.

Profundity workshops are easy and great fun. They honour your wisdom. They have assisted hundreds of participants gain a very personal understanding about the things that matter to them.

We Offer


Discover “you ” in our empowering, small and friendly workshops

Felicitator Program

Become a Workshop Guide and  felicitate (means congratulate and make happy) the journey of others.


Become an accredited resource for our workshop participants who may wish to further their discoveries with an expert to take them further.

About BB the developer of Profundity Workshops.

I’ve spent many years watching others learn and teach, so that I could refine how to make these workshops for you efficient, useful and most importantly memorable. I want you to carry what the Profundity ALIVE Method reveals for you into an empowered and bright future.

Caring is what I’m about and felicitating (sic)’ Profundity Workshops is where I am at my best. Felicitating is my meaningful way to be a part of a long-overdue personal empowerment renaissance.

I’m a retired art teacher and CEO of Oceania Business Solutions. It took me over thirty years to create the Profundity ALIVE Method.
I grew up in outer Sydney and now make Queensland’s northern Gold Coast my home.

verb (used with object), fe-lic•i•tat•ed, to compliment upon a happy event; congratulate.


“I recommend PROFUNDITY as a Life Tool which in my case has given not just direction and insight, but is helping me develop an attitude of compassion, acceptance, self-care and being present. The experience played with trusted friends reflecting back truths, has been both revealing and instructive.”

Y. Saraswati ·- Gold Coast QLD

“My experience of playing Profundity was that it is stunningly intuitive, deeply insightful, incredibly helpful and FUN.”

Jane A Brisbane QLD

“My Profundity experiences have been very positive. I recommend it for anyone seeking direction and insight into life’s dilemmas

I walked away with so much insight and a big weight off my shoulders.  It was great to bond with everyone else and their topic too. I would definitely do this process whenever I felt stuck.”

Maria S. Southport QLD

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