Become an accredited resource for our workshop participants who may wish to further their discoveries with an expert to take them further.

I am known as The Profundity Lady and the personal empowerment workshops I offer bring clarity and happiness to those who attend.  Participants leave saying “WOW – that was Amazing! I am ready to come back for more as soon as possible” They feel relieved, inspired, empowered and are eager to put into practice what they have discovered.

My Book “Profound Personal Empowerment” is in the pipeline; and on the website you will find links to articles and more information.

We currently hold one-day workshops in Brisbane and are planning to set up Profundity Inspiration Centres around Australia, and beyond, over time. We are also in the process of training more felicitators so we can bring our wonderful workshops to a wider audience.

“Felicitator” is a word meaning one who expresses congratulations and makes happy.  The term was chosen because of its similarity to the word facilitator used primarily in learning situations where the student or trainee is guided; and because the affirmative and happy nature of a Profundity Workshop promotes the conscious decision to focus on and trust one’s inner wisdom – an act of courage that is to be perpetually congratulated.

Even attending a single Profundity ALIVE Workshop can make a meaningful improvement to someone’s disrupted life.

I invite you to become a mentor to our attendees because that would match their genuine needs with your good business and is in keeping with the progressive and real needs of our times. As more felicitators come on board our workshop numbers will grow exponentially.  Profundity is proactive, fun and because it empowers personal development it is a significant transformative process that is right for the early to mid-21st Century.

Because attendees are transforming their lives, many are seeking mentors to help their forward journey. As such, Profundity Workshops are a potential value add to current wellness practitioners as tool or resource for those attendees who need support making significant changes to their lives.  This could be in the form of health initiatives, career changes, adopting new creative pursuits, social and community-based initiatives, relationship re-evaluation and so much more. When seeking a wise mentor to help them on their journey we would like to offer the services of practitioners who are familiar with the ways of the Profundity Workshops.

Felicitators bring about huge game changes particularly for women in their community. They get the honour of being present as attendees genuinely help one another, without judgement or forcefulness, to reach their most treasured mission. Felicitators are people with the gift of helping attendees discover the wisdom living inside them. They see how the problem and solution stand side by side. Felicitators assist attendees fulfill their desire to grow into more than they dreamed they could be.

Profundity ALIVE Workshops are for people who dare to grow and want more from themselves than the status quo. Profundity ALIVE Workshops provide an opportunity to explore a dilemma and commit to finding what brings about true joy.

I am passionate about marrying attendees’ growth with my solution. Profundity ALIVE Workshop provide a unique and light way for participants to connect with their true aspirations.  So profound, mystical, practical, and liberating is this technique that I want to share it with as many people as possible.

During a workshop participants learn the Profundity ALIVE Method.

A sk the right question

L isten to your Inner wisdom

I nvestigate  … and

V alidate your thoughts through sensitive conversation  … and then

E xpress out loud the authentic direction you discover and want to create for yourself.

To reveal what gives them joy and meaning and to show how they may impact their world at large is the solution Profundity ALIVE Workshops offer. Anyone who is facing obstacles or is stuck can come to a workshop to experience Profundity’s profound capacity to get them on track.

Women in particular worry that in serving others their dreams have passed them by. They manifest feeling unfulfilled, dissatisfied, lonely and isolated no matter how full their days.  They suffer the disappearance of self in the quagmire of mundane life.  Over half a million women in Australia are struggling with alcohol.  This marker alone clearly shows that many a mid-age woman is suffering and lost.  Loss is a costly life problem, Lost opportunity, lost time, and lost sleep.  A lost sense of who they are.

Profundity ALIVE Workshops use an enjoyable modality that looks and feels like a traditional board game but offers the jewel of Know Thyself.  In this game everyone is a winner.  As one attendee said… it’s not really a game it’s more like the pathway to my inner voice.”

I have a degree in Education and a background in training and development. I am a designer and have been the CEO of Oceania Business Solutions PL since 2013. As the Principal Profundity Felicitator I guide the process, but it is Profundity itself that makes things happen.

It took me many years of deconstructing an ancient book of wisdom to develop the very contemporary Profundity ALIVE method.

My vision is for Profundity ALIVE Workshops to be the new integrative way for people, and especially women, to explore and own their personal power.

Come on board as part of our network by attending a Profundity ALIVE Workshop and not only offer mentorship to your clients but be ready to give practical inspiration to women over 55 who have hurdled their roadblocks and whilst no longer feeling stuck may benefit for some professional assistance from you.  Once an attendee has expressed what they need you will find your wellness guidance becomes a truly auxiliary part of their whole journey. When they seek a mentor we would like to give them your name.

I would love to discuss more with you any time and thank you for considering becoming a mentor.